The first three sūtras of Patañjali’s Yoga Sutra (PYS) constitute the seed which sprouts as the rest of the text.

The essence of the whole teaching of classical yoga is there in these first three sūtras.  And as part of this mini course, we’re gifting you the three videos for these sūtras from our year-long course. 

The big reveal here in video #1 is that there is an alternate version of Sūtra #1. Here’s where it comes from: around the year 850, one of the most famous of all Indian philosophers, Shankara, wrote a commentary on the Brahma Sutra. In that commentary, he quotes “the first sūtra of the text on Yoga science”—but the sūtra he quotes is not the one we see in all published versions of the PYS!  More importantly, the sūtra he quotes gives a far more powerful message.  

yours in unity,