Hello to you all.

We offered this 5 day course a while ago which hundreds of you received and we got so much lovely feedback we wanted to offer it again.

So here it is again - this little free course and more so that you can experience a sample of the teachings.

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May these teaching illuminate your life and the life of those around you.

With love,

Lisa and Hareesh

Day 1

And here is our first meditation, the Four Immeasurable virtues, from the Yoga Sutra Chapter 1, Sutra 33. 

This is about softening into acceptance, honoring the sacred contracts between you and others and remembering the truth in your connections. 

Find 10 minutes for yourself and know that in doing this, it could hopefully benefit others you come into contact with too! 

You can do this one at any time of day - we would love to hear your feelings and feedback once you have listened - come to The Sutra Project Facebook group to share with each other, the community is here if you tap into it! 

Day 2

From the Yoga Sutra; Chapter 1, Sutra 36, we come to the Lotus of the Heart meditation. 

Our inhale is the day... Our exhale is the night. Breathing, we come closer to ourselves. 

"I am...

I am...

I am..."

Day 3

We are still on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, where Hareesh guides us through the practice from Chapter 3, Sutra 6, a meditation on a Deity of your choosing, with the mantra "So hum" - I am that.

Some feedback from yesterday -

"Besides a myriad of routine meditation techniques im amazed how easily this most important aspect, in my case, got lost somewhere in between.. Although while trying to cultivate it in a daily life, this adds totally new dimension to it, which i enjoyed deeply while i was melting, spreading and embracing.. So soft.. Thank you:)"

"Very beautiful. Heart-softening, calming, clarifying. Thank you"

Day 4

Now we transition to a practice from Chapter 18 of The Recognition Sutras; Spanda Meditation. 

Follow the pulse of your breath, contracting and expanding, mirroring all existence. 

Some comments from Day 3 - 

"I feel lightness in myself while imagining the lotus of light. How beautiful. Thank you 🙏🏼 "

"The experience happens while Hareesh describes it. It’s amazing. I’m driving through a corridor of trees, and the interior illumination and expansion is mirrored in the outer world, all this motion and stillness arising from a common source".

Day 5

We close this week with another practice from The Recognition Sutras; Two point meditation. 

Wherever you are today, may you find some space to feel your breath slow, steady and smooth. 

As we close these five days, we hope that you have found at least one moment inside of one breath of pure recognition. 

Please keep sharing with us about your experiences, on the facebook group or by email, and have these practices in your tool box for your life.