The Sutra Project is two years old this month!

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What is The Sutra Project?

We present courses on ancient sutra texts (so far, the Yoga-sutra, Recognition Sutra, and Heart Sutra) in a simple and accessible format that speaks to the contemporary practitioner, here and now, while staying true to the original transmission. All courses include a brand new translation of the text.

We are devoted to heartfully delivering the essence of the Sutra teachings beyond the academic realm, making their treasures available to everyone. 

They are nuggets of practical ancient wisdom brought into the present day by gifted scholar-practitioners who have dedicated their lives to these teachings. 

With each of our courses you will get

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We have three courses for you to choose from (or take all three!)

Yoga Sutra Illuminated

Simply the most systematic and influential text on the science of meditation, yet surprisingly has never been adequately translated from the practitioner perspective.

This course seeks to make the sutras perfectly clear in their application to real life and spiritual practice. With one concise (~10min) video per sutra, anyone can fit this course into their everyday life.

Christopher Wallis (aka Hareesh) took a year to complete a fresh and accessible translation of the first 120 sutras of the text, yet no translation of this elliptical text can stand on its own ~ it was designed to be explained by an expert in the field, and this course gives you access to such expertise.

The Recognition Sutra

…is to Tantrik Yoga what the Yoga-sutra is to classical Yoga: an indispensable manual for understanding the nature of reality and of consciousness.

A masterpiece in just 20 sutras that can only be explicated with a deep understanding of the original author’s commentary on his own sutras, The Recognition Sutra or Pratyabhijñā-hrdaya (lit., ‘essence of the teachings on recognition [of one’s innate divinity]) is a pivotal text in the history of yoga.

Though its philosophy has been studied in the West for decades, never have its teachings been presented so concisely and effectively, and never have its nine powerful yogic practices been taught clearly enough to actually practice them (the course includes audio guided meditations!).

The course is designed to be comprehensible to those who haven’t yet read the text, so gifting it to loved ones is appropriate!

The Heart Sutra

is a pivotal text of the Buddhist tradition: everyone’s heard of it, but few understand it.

In this brand-new course, Buddhist yogi Sean Feit Oakes clarifies this beautiful scripture in the way only a practitioner who has studied and lived it for years can.

After teaching the fundamentals of ‘Buddhism for Yogis’, Sean takes us lovingly through every word of this 26-line text, illuminating the often-misunderstood concept of Emptiness and building towards the text’s climax, the famous Heart-mantra.

Having understood this scripture through Sean’s expert guidance, you will understand the whole Mahāyāna (‘Great Vehicle’) and the foundations of Buddhist Tantra!


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We truly hope these courses bring you illumination. Here’s what people are saying:

I now have completed the first 3 Sutras. I am so impressed with the beauty and professionalism in the creation of this course - so user-friendly and full of rich content. The videos are so well done and it is easy to feel connected with Hareesh as he speaks - there is so much clarity and profundity in what he shares. I studied Patanjali many years ago and I love the tweaks/changes to the translations it makes them so much clearer and they ring with Truth! Thank you for your tireless work and offering of such a splendid and dynamic course! You Rock!!
— KD
You know how we are told to read/study 10 translations of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra...and then we might start to grasp them? Also, you know how just a few hours with Christopher Wallis changes your life? This course is like that. My mind was blown and expanded by my teachers’ explanation of the first 4 sutra alone, even though I had read 5 translations and attended workshops with people who had read their 10 translations & could chant them all too.
— Current Sutra Project student
Prior to my 200hr TT, I knew “tid-bits” of the YS & later when I actually went through my 200hr TT, the (lack of) clear explanation and discussions of the text left me feeling somewhat...bewildered, comfortable with “the gist” of it and yet profoundly intrigued and thirsting for an in-depth understanding. I did search for other sources but hadn’t quite found any that felt well rounded and truly cohesive. In this course, Christopher translates and expounds on each of the sutras in an incredibly straightforward, succinct and intelligible way. I am really loving this course.
— Current Sutra Project student
I wish to express my gratitude for your guidance on this amazing journey. I simply love the way this broken down and find myself returning over and over again to view these recordings multiples times…each time getting something more for contemplation.
— Pam
I also wanted to say a huge thank you for the Yoga Sutras course, it is exactly the kind of course I have been wanting and you have done such a fabulous job with it. I really appreciate the extra videos/audios regarding methodology/source material/ your translation techniques/ and yoga history.
— PF
What a beautiful offering you have created to present to an expanded community in the form of the Sutra Project!

The web platform, design, navigation and content are intuitive and beautifully potent. I have found it easeful to jump into your flowing invitation like a gentle stream. I appreciate the design of the course to allow me to swim to a shore and rest in contemplation of it all, or to forge ahead in the pull of the current.
— AB
Have been SUPER impressed with the Sutra Project by Christopher Wallis. If you’re curious about the Yoga Sutras and want to invigorate your practice or your teaching, check it out! The videos are short, poignant, and rich (perfect for someone like me who struggles with learning from the screen!)
— AS
I just finished the Yoga Sutra Illuminated Course. I must say you have done a fantastic job! Very articulate, accurate, and concise. It helped me in my sadhana. Loved it.
— DH
I just completed my 300hr yoga teacher training and I did an on-line course with Christopher Wallis on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali that was so much more accessible and alive than what we covered in my teacher training. I would HIGHLY recommend it
— ES

Disclaimer: By registering for "The Sutra Project” and any of courses I accept that all the information contained are for educational purposes and do not guarantee results.

I fully accept responsibility for anything that may arise as I participate in this program. 

* Since so much work has gone into these programs, we do not offer refunds unless you have completed the course (watched all of the videos) and have not gained benefit from the teachings. If this is the case, please do contact us directly.