Illuminated :: Patanjali's Eight Limbs or Eight Aids (Video)

This video is for you if you are interested in integrating and understanding Patanjali's central message via The Yoga Sutra, which is largely misunderstood in modern yoga. 

The eight limbs function as a kind of snowball rolling downhill gathering momentum, which spills over into the state / experience he calls yoga...which itself leads to the radical paradigm shift of liberation that he calls kaivalya. 

Here Hareesh discusses this as well as responds to questions regarding the text, such as: 

- If one was to take away one little nugget from The Yoga Sutras, what would you say that is?

- Can you speak more about pranayama in the Yoga Sutra?

- What happens after one experiences and attains Samadhi in a sustained way?

- Could you speak about yamas niyamas and transgressive tantric practices?